Infinsus is an innovative, creative and entrepreneurial consultancy that provides advisory services to enhance integration of finance and sustainability in policies, processes, products and reports. My clients are primarily found in financial services, like asset managers, wealth managers, pension funds, banks and insurance companies and their intermediaries related to responsible investment services. For selective services also corporates are among Infinsus’ clients.  My clients consult me on the following services.

Purpose and strategy
Articulating and promoting purpose, mission and strategy to drive long-term value creation through integration of finance and sustainability.

Policy development and implementation
Developing and implementing stewardship and responsible investment policies, including ESG integration (environment, social and governance), voting, engagement, impact investing, securities lending and class action policies, including second opinion on in-house developed policies.

Product and services
Product development, product range and positioning of mainstream investment funds and sustainability investment funds, including focused ESG, thematic or impact investing funds and related client services.

Engagement and stakeholder management
Corporate engagement strategies, collaborative shareholder initiatives, stakeholder management and influencing regulatory and policy change, including second opinions on internally developed plans.

Board and board evaluation
Advisory and supervisory board positions for boards in need of capital markets perspectives, including a broad experience in corporate governance, integrated reporting, board dynamics and board evaluation.

Depending on your needs, Infinsus can offer interim-management, broad managerial or project management in areas where finance and sustainability meet. I bring a broad experience in corporate governance, responsible investing, stewardship services, impact investing, behavioural finance, board dynamics and board evaluation.